Test series 1 of Biology for class 11

About Course

Biology syllabus of class 11 has two series which are named as Bio1101 and Bio1102. The entire syllabus of Biology of class 11 as per CBSE is covered chapter wise in two series. Series Bio1101 will have chapter wise MCQ tests covering half of the biology chapters of the book .Series Bio1102 will have chapter wise MCQ tests covering remaining half chapters of the book . Additional test series will be be added to give more practice of questions from the same chapters. These series will continued as Bio1103 Bio 1104 and ..........These series will give complete testing with analysis, so that each student can analyse their preparation chapter wise. The students will be able to know that which chapter they have not prepared properly from the marks obtained in the test.  Therefore students can prepare the chapter again. Thus students need to study in their class room seriously and then revise it at home. Once they are sure about their preparation, they can take an attempt of test online and check their preparation. Online examination provides you an opportunity which will make studying easier for students. Students can look up answers of their textbook and understand concepts much better and prepare for their examinations. Students can find not only prepare and revise for their examinations but can also finish their assignments and homework with ease. All questions are designed by the best and experienced teachers.