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CBSE sample papers and marking scheme right on schedule!!
They say ‘better late than never’; however, if you are a student gearing up for the annual CBSE board examination, this may not be a good adage to let your study-plans be governed by, especially at this time of the year. 
Yes, the time has finally arrived when students of classes 10 need to prop up CBSE sample papers alongside their NCERT textbooks. Recently, CBSE uploaded sample question papers and marking scheme for the board classes, on its official website. This easy and early access to the sample papers and the marking scheme should help the students to set a lucid study-plan, well-in-advance, in view of the question-pattern and weightage of different topics decided upon by the Board.
Though the Board has decided to adhere to the exemption from ‘separate pass criteria’ (that is, now requiring a combined passing score of 33% in the internal and the final written exam) adopted last year for class 10, there are certain minor, yet significant, changes introduced in favour of the students. Students are likely to witness an increase in the internal-choice section in some of the subjects for both, classes 10. This increase is expected to be of approximately 33% in all the sections and for each type of question. This, of course, comes with the responsibility of making wise choices while attempting the paper.
The Board is yet to release the much-awaited date-sheet for the annual exams scheduled to be held in February and March 2019. However, a tentative list of subjects is already out, with exams of all skill education/vocational subjects pushed towards the end of February and beginning of March.
                So, if this CBSE-update has just given you a scare – RELAX!! Use it to your advantage. It’s time for you to smartly manage your study-routine. While the sample-papers will give you an insight into the pattern of questions and the expected difficulty level, online tests can help you with a time-bound preparation and self-evaluation.
Wishing all the students GOOD LUCK!

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