Current Affairs

             Current affairs keep a person updated about new policies and changes which are coming up in various fields like medicine, education, defence, games, researches in various fields, international relationship and agriculture. This provides us an opportunity to analyse the changes which are happening around you. A live media is the body that plays a crucial role so that all the people of the country stay updated about the happenings around them. The way media uses to highlight the news is also an important factor and responsible for getting people interested about the news. There are many news happenings and all of them can’t be known by everyone and so current affairs come with ways to provide important news with detailed analysis on the matter. In the competitive and busy schedule of modern day, to stay updated on current affairs proves difficult for some, but sections specifically designed for Current affairs really help individuals to get the glimpse and knowledge about all the recent happenings all at one go, whenever they find time. Current affairs also play a crucial role for students when they want to prepare for competitive exams
Apart from academic knowledge, students need to be aware of current affairs as most exams and govt. jobs related interviews emphasise on the level of the candidate on how much he is aware about the country. The most difficult entry level exam, civil service exams, which many young individuals aspire to clear also has the question paper which is designed consisting maximum number of current affairs questions. To improve your knowledge in current affairs, Online examination really pushes up the level of competition to ahead than other candidates.




  1. By reading news papers:

Bring in your habit of reading news paper. If you are not using paper then take any news paper of your choice. Take out some time from your busy schedule and go through the news of various sections of news paper. 

  1. By interacting with People: 

I believe wherever you work, study, live etc. You have to be friendly and have a conversation about society, work, technology, country etc. So you have to develop a group of identical nature people at work place and in society with whome you can interact about the things happening around you. This is the best way to acquire NEWS.

  1. By social media: The technology is evolving so do we. I wouldn't suggest to just follow only this way for having news. Because now a days due to spreading provoking news on social media misguide people to take wrong decision and steps. I suggest that media like twitter and face book you can follow as the sources of news.
  2. By live media:

There are number of new channels are there. Develop your habit to listen news every day. If you find lack of time do to your tight schedule, you can listen quick news i.e. 20 OR 50 news in five to ten minutes. There are different news channel in various languages, So choose news channel as per your requirements.

  1. By internet:

The internet is one of the ways to come in life as information source. There are so many blogs which can help you improve your knowledge in current affairs. Even most of the new channels are line on internet now, so you can listen news through net also.

  1. By mock tests:

This is one the methods which keep you update with current affairs and also gives you a chance to check retention power. So the best way is to take mock tests as many as you can. This will help to grow your knowledge of current affairs.