In K-12 education system, the Olympiad of various subjects have great curiosity among students and their parents while on other side there are the parents and students who take Olympiad examination as a burden or an addition to the routine studies Majority of  parents look forward to the fact that their wards must attempt this examination every year. Therefore online examination has prepared a new pattern to conduct Olympiads in science and in mathematics from class 6 to class 10. This pattern will help a student to learn gradually the concepts of science and mathematics. Online examination will conduct Olympiad examinations in five phases. Students have to prepare and write online examination of each phase. Each student can get his score and analysis of his performance just after he finishes the test. Seeing his performance, a student can improve his weak areas and work hard to improve his performance in next Olympiad of the respective subject.

Why a student should attempt Olympiad?

  1. A student can be aware of  his weak areas OR the topics which he needs to prepare more for future competitions.
  2. A thoughtfully designed Olympiad examination provides unique platform to identify the new coming up talented youth.
  3. Appearing at state OR national level helps a student to figure out his OR her position and ranking. This will motivate the spirit of doing better than the others.
  4. Once  the desire of competition grows in a student, it  helps to motivate students to strive for better and deeper understanding of scientific facts and data and to enhance their reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills.
  5. Five phase Olympiad examination will help students grow step by step.
  6. Analysis of each phase test will give more chances to students to improve their performance.
  7. At the end of the session, the ranking of the students will be declared at school level, state level and national level
  8. The successful students will participate in award winning session which will encourage more students to do well  in next Olympiad.
  9. As we know that in coming time all competitions are being conducted online, therefore online examination will prepare the students for their future  competitive examinations.
  10. Online Olympiad will help to cultivate a kind of analytical thinking in the student which will useful in some examinations like JEE(mains), NEET , PO/ bank clerks, SSC, NDA and IAS.