.but according to CBSE officials and secretary HRD ministry it was not so and only Class XII economics and Class X maths paper were leaked. Therefore CBSE officials have announced for re-examination of class XII (Economics) on 25th April 2018 and they have not decided about class X maths examination. Officials said in a press conference, the final decision will take another 15 days. This means that Students of class X will not be able to decide  their preparation schedule and hence students will be under examination pressure and  tension for next 15 days As per recent updates Delhi Police has arrested one coaching centre owner and two other teachers in Delhi’s BAWANA area for their involvement in CBSE paper leak episode. One CBSE officer is also suspended. Many more may be arrested by the Police and government to show their sincerity for the nation. But so many questions are still unanswered. Class XII students are on roads to protest against conducting this paper again. Is students’ action justified? Yes, the major issue is how is it going to help  those lakhs of  students who appeared for the examination having put in day and night hard work? Why should these students prepare for the paper again?

It is an unsaid truth that in our country, always innocent people are punished because of few culprits. In fact our Government should be very harsh against the people who are involved in criminal activities so that it should become a lesson for criminals. Right from the independence till today our governments are surprisingly, highly insensitive and careless about two very important sectors for building any nation i.e. Education and Health? If we  look at the education system of our country, then one can see there has been a gradual fall in standard of education. Now the present government promised that they are going to provide us a leak proof system. Here another question arises has this happened first time? No, why leak proof system has not been formed so far? This is a mojor point to ponder upon.